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DJ Butter will appear in the upcoming pimp & hoe film, "The Bottom." Butter talks about his Grandaddy, Fuzzy an 80 year old player. COMING SOON!!

Wesley Valentine- Action Speaks Louder Than Words

1. Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Theme)
2. C' Mon Man
3. Don't Stop
4. When We Ride
5. Stole My Heart
6. Nobody Loves Me
7. The World...
8. Grab Ya' Gun Featuring Mozzarati Vick, Bandit, Vellis D' Grate
9. Who You Know Better
10. Take That
11. 3am
12. 10 years (Outro)

DJ Butter Presents YBP "Big Trouble, In Little Detroit" Featuring Mister Clean

1. Alligator Planet (Intro)
produced by: DJ Butter
2. Big Trouble In Little Detroit (Theme) w/Mister Clean
produced by: Sikndavijewel
3. A Daily Routine w/Mister Clean, Baatin (Slum Village)
produced by: Overtone
4. Hip-Hop, Pu**y and Pot w/Mister Clean
produced by: Hit Mobb for Ghosttown Entertainment
5. Bush And Hussein w/Mister Clean
produced by: Overtone
6. Tell Me Have You Seen Her
produced by: Vellis D' Grate and Furioustylz
7. Gimme Weight (F*ck A Dime Sack)
produced by: Vellis D' Grate
8. Alright w/Mister Clean
produced by: Ali-As-Is, Vellis D' Grate, DJ Butter
9. Nice w/Mister Clean
produced by: DJ Butter
10. The Ceo (Skit)
11. Rappin'
produced by: DJ Butter
12. Pac Or Big w/Mister Clean
produced by:DJ Butter
13. Detroit vs. Detroit w/Mister Clean, Mozzarati Vick
produced by: Overtone
14. The Adventures Of Detroit (Interlude)
produced by:DJ Butter
15. The Midwest (Skit)
16. The D (Remix) w/Mister Clean
produced by: Vellis D' Grate

B-Boy R.E.G. is currently in the studio finishing his debut album, The Art Of Public Speaking. Tracks produced by: Overtone, Moe Master and DJ Butter of course.


DJ Butter recently chatted with The Source Magazine- Editor In Chief, Kim Osorio. The publication was interested in reviewing Butter's classic albums, Kill The DJ, Shithappens and Welcome To Shitsville (Soundtrack/DVD). Stay Tuned.

DJ Butter & homeboy, DJ King David will be appearing in the upcoming Pimp & Hoe film, The Bottom Dollar. COMING SOON!!

Don't Sleep on the mix-tape, "Dope For X-Mas" www.raptapes.com. This project features new and Exclusive joints by: Notorious B.I.G., Outsidaz, Skillz, Royce Da 5'9, Wesley Valentine, G. Dep, Drastik to name a few.

Check Out: DJ Butter- Blunted Volume 1-7.



Peep your favorite DJ in the latest Murder Dog Magazine (Featuring Soulja Slim) cover story "Druggin & Thuggin." The latest issue reviews, Welcome To Shitsville Soundtrack (Crazy Noise Productions) produced by: DJ Butter. Their favorite joint was, "1701" (Featuring Obie Trice, Bandit, Mr. Wrong, Wesley Valentine). Murder Dog also talks about Butter's mix-tape, "Get Rich Slangin' Mixtapes Or Die Trying." The project features a dope remix of 50 Cent smash, "In Da Club" Produced By: DJ Butter and Eminem Live In Concert with the controversial cut, "Brain Damage."

Labelmates, Young Black Profezzionalz showcase their debut underground LP, "Detroit Point Blank" www.thepro-file.com.

DJ Butter & DJ King David is currently in the studio finishing the album/mixtape for a Madd Rushin and Crazy Noise collaboration. The project will feature rappers, Mountain Climbaz, Dirt Diggla, Ron Moe, Wesly Valentine, King Gordy, Obie Trice, Bizarre (D12), B-Boy R.E.G., Mister Clean, D-Elte, Baatin (Slum Village) and a list of Detroit talent. All Exclusive Joints.

Royce Da 5'9 (D-Elite) & DJ Butter mixtape, "Defending The Crown" Volume 1 was recently reviewed by: Metro Times Weekly Publication: www.metrotimes.com. The project features joints with the late Tupac Shakur and Royce Da 5'9 lil' bro- Kid Vicious. Be On The Lookout For: Royce Da 5'9- Death Iz Certain (Make It Count Records)


Royce Da 5'9 is gearing to release his new LP on his label, Make-It-Count Records. The album contains tracks produced by newcomer, Asar, DJ Premier and Carlos Broady to list. This project features collaborations with Nickel Nine's crew, D-Elite and a slammin' duet with members from the R & B trio, Next. Highlight tracks includes, "Street life," "Grown & Sexy," and the Primo track, "Hip-Hop." Royce says, "I talk about my ups & downs in the industry." He adds, "I don't hold grudges with anyone, I just know not to me niggas can fuck with me on the rap tip." Make-It-Count Records is getting set to release a mix-tape with D-Elite, Hosted By: Detroit's - DJ Butter. The untitled mixtape with DJ Butter & Royce Da 5'9 will be out late October. The project features bangin' tracks & freestyles, "My Language," "Buck" and "Prayer" to list. Rappers featured on the mixtape includes, Vicious, 2 Pac and solo joints by members of D-Elite. Royce Da 5'9 spent the whole week recording the exclsuive cd for Detroit's #1 mix-tape Dee-Jay. Crazy Noise Productions filmed the recording session with Rock City's infamous crew. Royce lead single, "Throwback" is currently hitting airwaves around the globe. The album, Death is Certain (M-I-C Records) is an honest and dark LP. Royce's manager Kino says, "Butter mixtape is hot, we tried a new approach."


9/13/03 - Butter recently mixed and produced the entire soundtrack/mixtape to the upcoming, "Planet Hip-Hop" project Executive Producer: Welldone Films. The first installment features new tracks by, Mountain Climbaz, Duke & T Dot.Raines (Rock Bottom), J-Hill, Al Nuke, Wesley Valentine, 50 Cent & Tony Yayo, Damien and a dope collaboration with, Mister Clean & Furioustylz. Coming Soon!

B-Boy R.E.G. is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album, The Art Of Public Speaking. Butter says, "This album is pure fun and real hip-hop."

R.I.P. Snoopy, Cortez (Log Cabin Thugz), Ant Live, Toot (P.A.) and Mario Battles...

Crazy Noise Productions artist, Wesley Valentine debut album, Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

Track List
1. Intro/Action Speaks Louder Than Words
2. Nobody Loves Me
3. We Don't Stop
4. C' Mon Man *
5. When We Ride w/Proof of D-12
6. Stole My Heart
7. Who You Know Better Than.......
8. The World Is Mine
9. Trickin' w/Mozzarati Vick, Tu-One
10. Some Mackin' Shit w/Bandit
11. 3:00 am *
12. Chill (Outro)
Co Production By: Brandon House *

9/2/03- DJ Butter & Baatin (Slum Village) hits the studio. The track is called, "Money & Hoes" produced by DJ Butter & Overtone for Crazy Noise Productions. DJ Butter, King David and Furioustylz were all vibin' in the lab with the Slum Lord. Baatin is currently working on his solo project due out soon. Butter says, "I waited about 8 years to record with SV". The song will be featured on an upcoming mixtape to be released on Crazy Noise Productions.

Butter will be appearing on the new hip-hop dvd, "Planet Hip-Hop" directed by Well Done Films. This project will also feature: Dead Prez, 50 Cent, Outlawz, Eminem & D-12 and Damien to list a few.


7/26/03- DJ Butter recorded a slammin' track with Mario Battles (R.I.P.) before he was recently killed. Butter s also in the studio recording some slammin' tracks with Stand Up Entertainment. Be on the lookout for DJ Butter & DJ Graffiti new mixtape titled, Half & Half. For more information: http://www.break-bread.com/.

Butter was recently bit by a crazy ass dog (Chow). He is currently recovering from his injuries. DJ Butter a.k.a Mister Clean and Young Black Profezzzionalz recently filmed a video for the jam, "Alright" (Produced By: Ali-As-Is). The track will be featured on the YBP joint, Big Trouble In Little Detroit (Crazy Noise Productions). Our site only sell the cds, that's in our store section. (Meaning we do not sell: Obie Trice- "Drinks on Me," D-12 vs. Royce Da 5'9 or D-12- "Dirty World" etc)

DJ Butter with this letter that Strike of the Detroit rap group Mountain Climbaz who played Lycety Split in the movie 8 Mile wrote from jail:

To All The Fans & Friends:
What the deal people this is your manz, Strike coming live behind a steel gate and barb-wire. Not for long though, I'm on my way home. Big Shout Outs to: DJ Butter for making this happen and much love to my rap family, Shady Records- Eminem, D-12, Paul Rosenburg, Mark, Obie Trice & 50 Cent. It's the Mountain Climbaz for life ya'll. I'm glad ya'll like the movie, 8 mile and my character Lycety Split. Watch out for the new album, Strike- World Premiere. I promise all the fans and supporters it's gonna be the illest album to ever hit the market. Keep your ears to the streets, because the missing piece to the puzzle is on it's way. The game will never be the same- Mountain Climbaz are the future!! Big ups to ReddBone (Raw Collection) for all the support. Much love to Mello & Jamil and all the Mountain Climbaz. One love to Mel in L.A. and the whole street squad. One love to Mehki Phifer, Cheddar Bob and the 8 mile cast. One Love to E-Dub and all the true Detroit Hip-Hop Heads. Peace

April 25, 2003- DJ Butter appeared in the Detroit Free Press www.freep.com. Butter talks about his first rap group, Sudden Strength and his accomplishments.

April 26, 2003- Butter spinned for the crew, Abstrakt Intellekt at Little Dublins, Irish Pub in Taylor, MI. Rappers, Paradime and Switch Stance rocked the house. Special Thanks To: Mike Clark

April 27, 2003- Welcome To Shitsville DVD Party (#1), Rappers Ill Uno and Vito Corleagne crushed the mic. Special Guest Included, DJ King David, Skinny Boy Dove, Doc Chill (Switch Play TV), Fedd-X, Rock Hard, Crazy Noise Productions camp, Up North Ent and a few porno stars.

Detroits infamous Dj Butter dropped a dope ass internet mix cd, to download go to: http://www.djbutter-blunted.cjb.net for Blunted Volume 2 and http://www.soundclick.com/butterblunted for BLUNTED Volume 3! Click picture below to see and download the cover for Blunted Volume 3.