Welcome To Shitsville Soundtrack is in stores now! Tracks includes, "Process Of Elimination," Featuring Bizarre (D-12) & Promatic, Mister Clean's jam, "Connections," and B-Boy Reg "Catch A Bad One"

The new mixtape by DJ Butter & B-Boy R.E.G., "I'm The DJ, He's The Emcee." Hit Stores Next Week! The project features 18 slammin' joints and freestyle from (1992-2002).


1. Freestyle (Intro)
2. Take The Money (Verse)
3. B-Boy Seranade
4. No Matter How You See It Featuring Raymond
5. Everybody's Trippin'
6. Lies & Alibies
7. I Had A Dream (Snippet) Featuring Bizarre of D-12
8. Freestyle
9. Ready For Reggie
10. Studio Gangsta's
11. H.P. Style
12. DJ Butter Shout Outs!
13. Ya'll Niggas Know Me
14. Detroit, Detroit Featuring Mister Clean, Sylvio Vega, J-Rip, Bandit
15. Practice Pu***y
16. All That Ass Featuring Syvio Vega Cuts By:DJ Dez
17. Catch A Bad One (Snippet)
18. The Meaning Of The Man (Outro)

DJ Butter is currently in the studio with rapper, B-Boy R.E.G. working on his debut album. Tracks includes, "Studio Gangstas," "Yeah," and "I Had A Dream" (Featuring Bizarre of D-12). Butter will produce five tracks.

Their has been some controversy on the tiltle, Welcome To Shitsville a.k.a. Hitsville. Butter says "We started the urban music scene in Detroit, But we are the most underated" He adds "Jermaine Dupri says Atlanta is the new Motown - How Bad Is That?"

Everyone who ordered CDS: -"Dirty World" and "Welcome To Shitsville" the cds are being shipped out this week.

The playlist to: Wesley Valentine's debut album, "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" will be posted next week, along with the Upcoming DJ Butter Party!

Win a Crazy Noise Productions T-Shirt autograph by: DJ Butter. The 11,000th person to visit DJButter.com
Deadline: August 15, 2002.

Welcome To Shitsville's soundtrack will be released, August 27, 2002 (Official Date),
followed by the film.. DJ Butter is also recording songs as the alias, Mister Clean.
We Will Keep You Posted! Weclome To Detroit Tour- Coming Soon! The
Party will be a celebration of all DJ Butter's releases. The Date Will Be Announced Next Week.

Wesley Valentine is putting the final mixes of his debut album,
Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

Crazy Noise Productions T-Shirts Available: July 9, 2002

Wesley Valentine is in the process of completing his first video (Adult Version), "Iz U Trickin'," (Featuring SLICKONEZ). DJ Butter and partner Furious will be directing the video with cameo appearances by, B-Boy R.E.G., No Coast,Young Black Profezzionalz and a bunch of freaks. Wes is seeking female models to complete the final scenes (Deadline: July 26, 2002)- No Stuck Up Girls!

DJ Butter will be completing, Wesley Valentine debut album, Action Speaks Louder Than Words, (Crazy Noise Productions) this month, for the release in August (No Exact Date Yet). W.V. has a cameo appearance in Eminem's upcoming movie, 8 Mile (Club Scene). Check out the a snippet of the new jam, "We Don't Stop," produced by: DJ Butter at Sick Notes Studios (Peep Audio Page) .

Welcome To Shitsville Soundtrack, will be released, July 23, 2002. DJ Butter produced almost all the tracks on the project. Other producer involved includes, Ess and 4 Ever Blowed. The Welcome To Shitsville (VHS/DVD) will be released following the soundtrack (Still In Production).

DJ Butter and Crazy Noise Production artist, Wesley Valentine made a guest appearance at The Detroit Explosion (June 15, 2002) at St. Andrews Hall (Downtown Detroit). Rappers, Royce Da 5'9" & D-Elite, E-Dub, Paradime, Lola Damone and Obie Trice & Shim-E-Bango rocked the house. Other special guest included, Eminem & Paul Bunyan, Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs), Almighty Dreadnaughtz, KonArtis (D-12) and Mozzorati Slick (SLICKONEZ) to name a few I will have photo moments from the show soon!

Crazy Noise Productions T-Shirts Coming Soon!

You can now buy DJ Butter CDs Now at

Check out the new Butter Board and sign up!!!


Welcome To Shitsville (Soundtrack/VHS/DVD) COMING SOON! DJ Butter also appears in the film getting a tattoo of his record label, Crazy Noise Productions on his left arm. Butter appears as his alter ego, Mister Clean on the jam, Connections of the film Soundtrack. Be On The Lookout For: Mister Clean debut album, ILL to drop 2003.

DJ Butter is currently putting the finishing touches on, Wesley Valentine's debut album, "Action Speaks Louder Than Words." The album features the hot track, "You Will Die," (Featuring Proof of D-12). The is another special guest appearance by a platinum hit-maker (Top Secret).DJ Butter is also producing joints for newcomers, Law, Bandit. Butter produced two hot tracks with the rappers at Vanguard Studios (Oak Park, MI). The jams, "Pimp That Hoe" w/Wesley Valentine and "Ya'll Don't Want None."

Whatz Cracklakin' In May

DJ Butter- Dirty World (Featuring D-12) mixtape has been on hold. Butter is getting
Dirty Managemen involved with the project. The cd also features cameos by:

Obie Trice, Raw Collection, Eminem, Paradime, B-Boy R.E.G, Promatic,
Wesley Valentine and The Almighty Dreadnaughtz.
We Would Keep You Posted With The New Release Date and How To Order:

You Can Order It Direct From:
Crazy Noise Productions
P.O. Box 37116
Oak Park, MI 48237
(DJ Butter Signature)
$20 (U.S.) $25 (Outside The U.S.)

Welcome To Shitsville (VHS/DVD) features cameo appearance by the late, Jamaican Bandit, Bugz (D-12) and Illy-Ill (DJ Butter's Best Friend). Illy- Ill was killed in 1990 at the early age of 15, he was the first rapper, DJ Butter made music with.Welcome To Shitsville Soundtrack Features:
Obie Trice, Royce Da 5'9 & D- Elite, Wesley Valentine, J. Hill, Bizarre (D-12) & Promatic, Mister Clean, SLICKONEZ, Geno, High Class, Dirt Diggla, B-Boy R.E.G, Pirahna, Young Black Profezzionalz, Kill-At-Will, Mr. Wrong (Raw Collection),
Ron Moe, Mad Kap (Sick Notes), Mozzarati Slick and a special bonus cut.

The Film Features Cameos:
Eminem & D-12 • Sick Notes (Pep & Dewitt) • Raw Collection • Bandit
Paradime • Wesley Valentine • Obie Trice • King Gordy • Royce Da 5'9 & D-Elite • DJ K-Nice •
SLICKONEZ • J- Dilla • SLUM VILLAGE • Black Dean • Young Black Profezzionalz
and Dogmatic to name a few.

Wesley Valentine will be featured on newcomer, Wae's debut. The song is called "Everybody" (Featuring Finale). Wesley recently finished the album cover artwork to his debut album, Action Speaks Louder Than Words. The photo shoot took place on, 7 Mile (a famous Detroit main street).

DJ Butter is also currently in the studio with Atavia Records own, LAW, J-Rock and Lil' Duke (Rock Buttom). Butter is producing tracks for their debut compilation album, Apply Pressure (Tenative Tiltle). Rappers Ron Moe and Wesley Valentine will appear on the project.



DJ Butter lost at this Detroit Music Awards this year. The winner was dance Disc Jockey, DJ Assault. The category was for Original Hip Hop DJ. His ass got booed when he went up on stage to get his award. Butter says, "I just gotta work harder, I've been promoting Detroit Hip-Hop for the longest and I did feel robbed." Butter adds. "It was good to see Paradime win and Royce Da 5'9 and Obie Trice sharing the stage." Vote for DJ Butter at: www.detroitmusicawards.com (2003)

Wesley Valentine recently shoot the photo cover for his debut album, Action Speaks Louder Than Words." Big Wes is in the studio wrapping up his realese with producers, Dirtty Ratt and of course DJ Butter.Wesley Valentine is also featured on newcomer, Wae's untitled debut album. The album features Detroit's Spitfest Champion Killa Kaun.

The Crazy Noise Productions Web Store Coming Real Soon!

Ladies and Gentlemen there is another Crazy Noise Productions Give Away going on! Ladies send your sexiest pics and fellas send the funniest pics you can find or create and you may win an autographed Kill The DJ or Shithappens CD. Send them here, You have until the 15th of May to be able to win. 1 lucky lady and fella will win. Good luck and don't send any sick shit!!! Know what I mean?
Awwww Shit!!!

Shithappens album cover was banned from several record stores in Detroit. Butter had me design a new cover. Click The image above to see it!Let Butter know what you think by signing the guestbook, and you may win an autographed KILL THE DJ or SHITHAPPENS CD!!!

DJ Butter laid some scratches down on the new Abstart Intellect album. Super producer, Mike Clark (Kid Rock) did the track.

Dj Butter can announce that the new D12 mixtapes hits the stores March 19, 2002. The album will contain artists like D12, Eminem, Bizzare, Royce Da 5'9, Promatic, Raw Collection, B-Boy R.E.G., Obie Trice, Wesley Valentine and more. The album will also contain freestyles from all members in D12.

The album will cost $20 free shipping in handling U.S. only and it will be an extra $5 fee if you live outside the U.S. The album will be able to buy at D12world.com soon.

Who? When? Where?

March 2, 2002
DJ Butter Will be Dee-Jaying at the
Holiday Hall (7 Mile & Van Dyke)

March 6-9, 2002
DJ Butter will also make an appearance
at The Metro Times Blowout in Hamtramck, MI.
Other artists include: Almighty Dreadnaughts,
Miz Karona, Paradimea, and Elzhi (Slum Village)
to name a few.

DJ Butter is currently in the studio finishing up
Wesley Valentine's debut album, "Actions Speak
Louder Then Words". Featured artists includes:
Proof (D12), High Class, SLICKONEZ and some
special platnium guests.

What's Poppin' and Droppin'!

DJ Butter is gearing to drop these releases:

1. Shitsville (Documentary and Soundtrack)

2. Wesley Valentine - Action Speaks Louder Than Words

3. Young Black Profezzionalz - Big Trouble In Little Detroit

4. SLICKONEZ - Laugh Now, Cry Later

Don't Sleep On DJ Butter:Kill The DJ and Shithappens Albums!

Betta watch for the hook!

DJ Butter was arrested Jan 27 in a police raid in Detroit. Butter was the guest Dee-Jay for the night, and didn't know the club was an illegal event. Wesley Valentine, Ron-Moe and Dirty Ratt of Ghostown Entertainment was also arrested. DJ Butter will be producing 6 tracks on SLICKONEZ upcoming debut album, Laugh Now, Cry Later. Other producers includes, SIKNDAVIJEWEL, Essman and the artist. COMING SOON!

Welcome to Shitsville...

*Shitsville Soundtrack features new track list:
01. 4th Letter (The Score)
02. Mozzarati Slick & Tu-One (SLICKONEZ) & Obie Tice- Here We Come
03. Bizarre (D-12) featuring Promatic- Process Of Elimination
04. Wesley Valentine- Take That $
05. Mad Kap, Kill-At-Will, Mozzarati Slick, Pirahna- May The Best Man Win
06. J. Hill- Freestyle
07. Young Black Profezzionalz- C
08. Wesley Valentine featuring Mozzarati Slick, Tu-One (SLICKONEZ)- Iz U Trickin
09. Nina The Pimp- It's Ballerina
10. (Shitsville) Intermission
11. Tre Little, Billy Nix, Cutthroat, Royce The 5'9 (D-Elite)- Real Nigga Rap
12. Mister Clean featuring DJ Butter- Connections
13. DJ Butter- Turntable Fuckin' (DJ Anthem)
14. Bizarre(D-12) & Razaaq- See You In Hell (Orgy)
15. Geno featuring High The Love- I Love The Hood
16. THE END (Credits)
Plus 3 Bonus Cuts
Set To Drop On Crazy Noise Productions© DROP EARLY 2002
DJ Butter Second Album Release Party For The Album, Shit Happens was off the chain. The Party was sponsored at The Lush in Hamtramck, MI. The headliner was, SLICKONEZ who rock the crowd with their hits off their upcoming debut, Laugh Now, Cry Later,". Other Acts included, Wesley Valentine, Njheri Earth, Almighty Dreadnaughtz, J. Hill and Young Black Profezzionalz to name a few. With A Special Guest, Royce The 5'9 and Tre Little (D-Elite) and Planet Asia. Plus DJ's: DJ Tony Tone and DJ Dez supported the gig on the cuts also!

*DJ Butter is currently in the studio producing tracks with new artists, Bandit and B-Boy R.E.G.
Shit's Still Happenin'

DJ Butter made a cameo appearance in Eminem's new movie, The Untitled Detroit Project. Butter says "I didn't realize what it takes to do a movie, especially seeing it go down in Detroit was all new to me".

Shitsville soundtrack features: Wesley Valentine, Raw Collection, Young Black Profezzionalz, SLICKONEZ & Obie Trice, Promatic & Bizarre (D-12) to name a few. The Soundtrack features 20 all new tracks.

Wesley Valentine & SLICKONEZ recently shot a video to the dance track, IZ U Trickin' Directed By: Furious. The video features strip dancers and mad motor cycles. The track, IZ U Trickin' is featured on Wesley Valentine's debut album, Action Speaks, Louder Than Words

Young Black Profezzionalz shot the (X-Rated) video to "Vannessa" (A Tribute To Vanessa Del Rio) we will premier the video on DJ Butter's birthday: Jan 25, 2001 on our site. They are also currently working on the video for, "Pac Or Big," featured on DJ Butter- Shithappens album. The video will features 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G. clones, directed by: Furious and Y.B.P.

The world famous DJ Butter is proud to announce the project for the projects, regarded as the newest, hottest, purest hip-hop to hit the scene. The Young Black Profezzionalz debut album “ Big Trouble In Little Detroit” is due in stores January 2002. YBP features DJ, Producer, Engineer, and MC extraordinaire Vellis D’Grate. Along side Video Wizard and Absolute Livest MC on the planet Furious Manny Stylz. DJ Butter also brings his own brand of insane lyrical genius to the album on multiple tracks as Mr. Clean. With tracks like “Crushin U”, “ A tribute to Venessa”, “HipHopPussyandPot” and the under ground classic from the Critically acclaimed DJ Butter album Shit Happens, “ Pac & Big” will deliver a new, raw sound in hip-hop music. Butter says, “This album is a break from the norm, every track you can relate to”. Other hype tracks includes, “Ear Fuckin” and “Lick Em Low”. This highly anticipated release is assured success with the help of guest appearances by Wesley Valentine (Lil B), Proof, Swift and Bizarre (D12).
Buy DJ Butter's Shit Happens and Kill the DJ at
Record Release Party/Concert
10241 Joseph Campau- Hamtramck, MI 48212
Date: Dec 26, 2001
Fee: $5 • Doors Open at: 10:00pm

The First Album, Kill The DJ
The Second Album, Shithappens Rated- (The Worst Album Cover Ever)
Free Kill The DJ and Shithappens Commercial With The First 100 Mail Orders
(Eminem, D-12, Royce Da 5'9, King Gordy and Obie Trice Appears In The Commercials)
Order Diectly- For Autograph- CD: Send $20
(Check/Money Order) (Free S & H- U.S Only)
To: Crazy Noise. P.O. Box 37116, Oak Park, MI 48237
(Oustide The U.S- add $6 For S & H)
Butter174@aol.com DEADLINE DEC 18, 2001