WHO HE IS: DJ Butter, born Barry Yett II, is a Detroit hip-hop producer.CEO and DJ. He has worked with a cast of Detroit rappers (including members of D12) and producers on his label, Crazy Noise Productions. His first album, "Kill the DJ," featured Eminem, Paradime, Almighty Dreadnaughtz and Royce Da 5'9". He has spun hip-hop at St. Andrews, Club International and the Motor. His new DVD, a documentary about the Detroit hip-hop scene with a title that can't be printed here, will be available June 5, though there is a release party this weekend. A related soundtrack with Detroit hip-hop personalities is in the works. Butter started DJ-ing when he was 12. His dad bought him one Technics 1200s turntable and he bought the other. He began to play house parties in Highland Park and Puritan Avenue. At 14, he began to DJ for Sudden Strength, a hip-hop group with rappers Ounce, Bandit and Illy-Ill. He went on to become D12's first DJ in 1999, spinning at the Majestic Theatre, Latin Quarters, Lush and the Scribble Jam in Cincinnati. He says he has produced more than 200 rappers from Detroit, including Miz Korona, King Gordy, Obie Trice and the Mountain Climbaz. His second album, ""Shithappens" features the blazin' track, "Shit Can Happen" which was featured on D-12's multi-platinum debut album, Devil's Night. Butter's new 90-minute DVD contains interviews with Detroit hip-hop artists Eminem, Obie Trice and Slum Village. "The DVD is for exposing artists here," Butter says. "The documentary is about unity before money and after money." The footage is from a collection he and his partner, Furious, shot. Butter also raps, using the alias Mr. Clean. He'll be featured on the next album from the Young Profezzionalz. "I just rap about my pain. I rap about bringing Detroit together. There's a lot of chaos in Detroit," he says. Butter also gained notoriety in hip-hop circles for a magazine he started as a high school senior, Funkyfreshintheflesh.
Butter's label Crazy Noise Productions: Wesley Valentine and B-Boy Reg.